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Kae Marie VO Production

The Girl With Stars in Her Voice

I took an oath of Honesty in 2007. #bigmistake

I took an oath of Honesty in 2007. #bigmistake

  • commercials

  • audiobooks

  • e-learning

  • telephony

  • animation

  • medical 

  • tech


  • broadcast copywriting

  • copy-editing

  • audio-editing

  • audio post-production


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Short Form: Radio and TV, in before noon, out by COB. In after noon, back by next day 8 am.

Long form: To Be Discussed, always efficient.

  • Broadcast Copywriting: creating captivating copy with an idea, a photo, a product, a hint.

  • Copy-Editing: Word-smithing original content into apropos ad copy clients and customers love

  • Audio-editing: Editing audio files that need work. Can make voices sound great and finished files rich and professional.

  • Post-Production: It’s a one-stop shop, folks. Music, sound effects and technical moxie to deliver ready-to-air projects.

Voice Talent: As you like it, from the heart & soul.

Compassionate/Friendly / Energetic /Girl-Next-Door / Professional / Sensual / Storyteller / Someone you'd be friends with.

Animated / Approachable / Articulate / Believable / Bright / Caring / Classy / Comforting / Confident / Concerned / Conversational / Cool / Corporate / Direct / Down-to-Earth / Dramatic / Dynamic / Educated / Educational / Elegant / Engaging / Enthusiastic / Fresh / Fun / Gentle / Happy / Funny / High Energy / Honest / Informative / Intelligent / Inviting / Knowledgeable / Mom / Narrator / Natural / Original / Perky / Personable / Playful  / Pure / Real / Refreshing / Relaxed / Reliable / Romantic / Sarcastic / Sassy / Sexy / Sincere / Smart / Smooth / Soft / Soft Spoken / Soothing / Sophisticated / Strong / Stylish / Sultry / Sweet  / Trendy / Trustworthy / Unique / Upbeat / Urban / Versatile / Vibrant / Warm / Young / Youthful / Zen

Audio Formats

  • MP3

  • AIFF

  • WAV

Available for Direction via

  • Skype

  • Phone Patch

bio background.jpg


The Girl Next Door...

The Girl Next Door...

It was 1976 in the Great Smoky Mountains. I was five. My babysitter heard about auditions on the radio to be in the Bicentennial Parade. She dressed me up in my Little House on the Prairie costume and off we went. I sang Yankee Doodle Dandy, and was able to lead the parade. One year later the public address system at a school function croaked with a large audience all set up in the gymnasium. A teacher walked onto the stage, put her hand over her forehead to shield from the lights and said, "Where's Kae Denino?" I came up and entertained the crowd with Ladies and Gentlespoons, on Tuesday, the day after Thursday, there will be a Ladies meeting, for Men only...

Since then, it's been voiceover work, theatre, speech and debate, poetry readings, emceeing events, public speaking about human trafficking, corporate training and now here, in my sleek studio, all ready to work with you. 

...Can get a little zesty.  

...Can get a little zesty.


In other news I’ve saved three people’s lives, can cook darn near anything and have wild, exuberant twins. In my spare time I fight human trafficking. I have never missed a deadline in my life. 


20 years of voice work, BA and MA, 5 time world champion in collegiate speech and debate, corporate trainer. Trained and cast with Ron Allan's Big Voice Productions. Have studied great voices my whole life: teachers, politicians, comedians, and most of all The Muppets.



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I'm happy to answer any questions and help you thrive.

PHONE:  614.800.9313   

ADDRESS: 118 E. Lakeview Ave. Columbus, OH 43202

Terms of Payment: PayPal, credit cards, company checks, Western Union are accepted.

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